Lil Wayne: Street Phenomenon Oct16


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Lil Wayne: Street Phenomenon

PICTURE BY: DigArtisTDaniel York | Fine Art America

It’s funny how the internet works. I found myself wasting time scrolling down my facebook timeline that’s full of worthless status updates, random links and meaningless videos and came across this link titled “LIL WAYNE’S MIAMI MANSION RAIDED… POLICE FIND $30 MILLION STASH OF…

So of course right away after reading the misleading title I think to myself LINK BAIT! Just like link bait is designed to do I am now hooked and I want to know what this story is about; what did the police find; what could it be? So I click on the facebook shared link and headed over to already convinced that I was going to be disapointed very soon. Just as I assumed the story really wasn’t that interesting and turned out that Lil Wayne didn’t feel like paying his jet lease bills so they broke into one of his many mansions and found $30 million worth of art blah blah blah…

The good that came out of me wasting my time to go look at this article is that I discovered this amazing print called “Street Phenomenon Lil Wayne” by The DigArtisT that the article used as a headline photo. Right away I took to the internet to do some researching to learn more about who the artist was and where this print came from. Below the print was some small text linking to Fine Art America so I clicked it to go check it out.

Fine Art America is one of the largest, most-respected giclee printing companies in the world with over 40 years of experience producing museum-quality prints. The website offered the designers artwork for sale on different types of media. DigArtisT has a profile on Fine Art with the following description:

I am a Graphic/Web designer based in London, i have a great relationship with photoshop a pretty decent one with illustrator me and flash have had our ups and downs in the past but we still have love for one another and me and dreamweaver have had a thing going on for some time now. I am a movie buff in terms of action, scifi and murder mystery films i am soooo not a romcom guy. I love tv shows like Game of Thrones, Burn Notice, A town called Eureka, Warehouse 13 and that new one Alphas just to name a few and i am a comic book nerd. So if you ever need a logo, a flyer for a party or business, business card or a website holla at your boy! (As in me, holla at me! not your best friend who you refer to as your boy or your son i mean call ME !!!)

That then lead me to his website at where I got to meet DigArtisT (also known as Daniel York) a little better. I found it interesting that his entire website was built all in flash. I browsed his portfolio and read some blog articles – check his site out and take a peek at some of his amazing artwork!

Two hours later I found myself remembering that I was just going to check my facebook feed real quick and see what was new. Well at least I found this sweet print and now debating on which size I want to order. I blogged about it so I can find all these great links later when I want to look Daniel up 🙂

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